uStrategic Effective Business Transformation and Change Management

Focusing on solutions and your customer-centric future

uStrategic will help you develop and implement customer-centric business and communications strategies, operational processes and culture re-alignments to deliver customer advocacy.

Business Challenge:

  • Business rules have changed...

    ... and continue to change. Competition is intensifying globally as trade, outsourcing and labor barriers between countries become more porous. New communications technologies require much faster competitive decisions and go-to-market strategies. Industry boundaries are being redefined. Smaller, more nimble companies can challenge incumbents that need to become flexible and more customer-focused while continuing to provide value. Consumers are emerging as savvy business drivers as they price check via their smart phones, and are no longer just the end game for marketers; they are part of the conversation and are often initiating it.
  • Competitive Positioning Is Key...

    ... and companies today always need to be seeking out their competitive advantage. Quality is expected by consumers as the norm, and is no longer a selling point. Technology is no longer a significant barrier to new entrants. Shorter lead times and product life cycles are the New Normal. Defense and offense both need to be practiced flawlessly. Even non-profits need to practise good business and marketing sense.

uStrategic's Response:

Independent expertise to appraise business strategy and analytics, align implementation and back-room operational processes, reorganize delivery structures and facilitate effective and progressive change management via: